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My Online Community Rules

No Hate Speech or Discrimination

That includes: Racist, Sexist, and Homophobic Comments, or you will get booted & banned at my discretion.


No IRL Politics

This moment in time is to escape The Crap of the World, so enjoy this time! There are political streams on Twitch if you want to leave, now.


No Spam or Promotions

Permission is needed to post "Anything" beyond a comment, engagement or occasional joke. Only myself, Twitch and the Twitch approved advertisers are allowed to pitch without it.


No Meta

This Spoils the roleplay by revealing some information that would interrupt mine and the viewers chance at discovery or surprise during the game.


Keep Disagreements Respectful

Healthy debates are good engagement, but keep it short, respectful and courteous. Me and the Mods can stop the discussion at any time.